Latitude and Longitude

Dear Short Answers:Like many people these days I’ve taken the time to re-connect with long lost friends.  I’ve been so thrilled to rekindle some of these relationships. But now & then I come across an old friend who still harbors a grudge, about something that may or may not have happened decades ago. And that’s […]

He’s 19, Right?

Dear Short Answers:My son, who is 19 years old, is convinced that he had the coronavirus and is now immune.  He was pretty sick last month but never got tested.  Now, he wants to use his free time to grocery shop for people, volunteer at the local food bank, and generally help out people who […]

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

Dear Short Answers:After this month of sheltering in place with my husband, I look at our guest room with longing. We have never ever slept apart, even when one of us is sick but I want to sleep alone for a few nights. Is that terrible? I think my husband will think so. I Wanna […]

Keep It Up

Dear Short Answers:I’m 65; my girlfriend is 61. We have sex about 2 or 3 times a week. Is this normal?Signed,Old Horn Dog Dear OHD:Yes — slight overachievement. Congrats. Like Unlike

Hang Tough

Dear Short Answers:Been sheltering in place since March 13. I live alone. This is very, very hard. Help!Girl on Her Own Dear Girl:We know. You’re right. It is very hard but it isn’t forever. It only feels like it. There is no alternative. You can do it, really. Like Unlike

Just Wasting Time

Dear Short Answers:I don’t think that my boyfriend of the last three years is THE ONE. I like him, even love him but he’s not the one. Should we break up now or wait til one of us finds someone else?OK But Not Great Dear OK:If you are looking for THE ONE, then you best […]

Clear Intentions

Dear Short Answers:I have been accepted at grad school with $$$ and now I don’t know if I want to go. Should I just bite the bullet and go?DK Dear DK:If you don’t really want to go, it’s a waste of their money and your time. Like Unlike

Quarentine Query

Dear Short Answers:Although phone or video sex has never interested me before, it seems like what the times demand. What do you think?Lonely Dear Lonely:We feel you — and we are agnostic on this. Go with your gut — risks and rewards are probably about the same as always. 1 person likes this post. Unlike