STOP (in the Name of Love)

Dear Short Answers:I live in a small beachside town in Florida and we have been very lucky to have almost no virus cases in this area. About a month ago, my son and his wife and their two children decided to move out of Boston and stay with me here since they can work from […]

Grace Under Pressure

Dear Short Answers:I am “quaranteaming” with a few friends and have been since early March. It was fun at first but I’m not sure that I picked the right group. I’ve brought up the subject that maybe we should split up and find new groups and they were furious calling me a traitor and stuff […]

If in Doubt, Moderate

Dear Short Answers:Is GUM bad for your teeth?LoveToChew Dear Love:Probably. Like Unlike

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Dear Short Answers:I am actually enjoying the restrictions that the pandemic has required but no one wants to hear about it. Should I pretend I’m miserable like everyone else?Loving It Dear Loving It:Goody goody for you. You don’t have to pretend, but you could turn down your jubilation. Like Unlike

Recovery RX

Dear Short Answers:I am a recovering alcoholic and I have to say that online cocktail parties are the best thing that ever happened to me since going sober. I can have fun with my drinking friends while they drink but not have to sit in a bar (which I can’t do) and not be tempted […]

Sheltering in Place: The Cost

Dear Short Answers:Even before the virus, my BF and I were planning to split up. And now our relationship is even worse. The problem is that now is not a good time to be looking for a new place to live especially since I don’t have a job and can’t really afford much of anything. […]


Dear Short Answers:I have several friends who are hard of hearing. They have hearing aids but, of course, those things don’t always work.  Consequently, they have a tendency to get very close to you so that they can hear what you are saying. Right now, that behavior makes me very nervous.  Even when I speak […]

New Rules

Dear Short Answers:Now that my husband and I are staying at home and not seeing any other people, he has decided that personal hygiene is irrelevant.  I have tried to convince him that good hygiene makes you happy but he doesn’t buy it. How do I convince him that his disgusting appearance makes me UNHAPPY […]