Dear Short Answers:Because of COVID, the company I work for made a decision to cut senior management salary – this was a decision from the board of directors not even from the level of President or the CEO. I’m really against it. Now, they “revisited” the policy and are going forward with another three months […]

Leaving the Nest (Again)

Dear Short Answers:When the virus started I decided to quarantine with my mother. Eventhough she is 76, she is in great health and does fine on her own but I just wanted to make sure. Well, three months later I am going crazy!! She has become so dependent upon me to do everything for her […]

Call Often (and Frequently)

Dear Short Answers:My father has been in an assisted living facility for about three years. He lives far from here and I didn’t really visit him very often. Now of course I can’t visit because of the virus and I feel so extremely guilty.  The home where he lives told me that I can come […]