When Alcoholics Drink

Dear Short Answers: I know my friend is a recovering alcoholic because she told me. Recently she has confessed that she has a drink from time to time. Is she telling me because she wants me to intervene in some way? Is this a cry for help? Worried Dear Worried:This sounds like trouble. Why don’t you […]

Everybody Knows

Dear Short Answers: I am nearly overwhelmed by a feeling of foreboding — I hear the scary music all the time. I don’t know why everyone isn’t terrified- climate change, Corona virus and Trump is the perfect storm! Why isn’t everyone terrified?Scaredy-Cat Dear Cat:We believe everyone is terrified — but only some of us are […]

Smile More, Speak Less

Dear Short Answers:My daughter is so crazy in love with her babies she doesn’t see that some of their behavior is less than darling. Should I say something?Grandma x Dear Grandma:No. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Covid Fatigue

Dear Short Answers:It seems to me that people have gotten careless about mask wearing and social distancing. I am worried. I don’t feel comfortable yelling at my friends but it is getting so I don’t want to be around them. What to do?Masked Dear Masked:We have noticed that too. But ignore Public Health recommendations at […]