Geography Lesson

Posted on | August 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Geography Lesson

Dear Short Answers:
I am starting to apply for college for next year and my parents want me to go to a school nearby. But I desperately want to go as far away as possible. Would it be wrong if I just didn’t apply to any local schools? Then they couldn’t make me go. I don’t want to lie to them but I’d rather go to a bad school in CA than a good school here.
Itchy Feet

Dear Feet:
Your choice of school matters.  You should go to the very best school you can get into and can afford.  “As far away as possible” may be your first consideration, but it isn’t going to convince your folks or an admissions committee.  Figure out what you want to study, where you think you would be happiest (big or small, country or city, near or far) and make the case.  At the very least it will improve your applications.


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