Tricky Dicky

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Dear Short Answers:
I’m straight but I have a lot of gay friends. Unfortunately, my wife is getting more and more suspicious that we are “more than just friends.” She doesn’t like bars so she refuses to hang out with us. As a joke (we were really, really drunk), a couple gay friends came home with me, we all got naked and pretended to fool around. We made a lot of noise so my wife would wake up. I thought she would scream at us and it would be funny. Instead, she just started to cry and hasn’t stopped. That was 2 weeks ago. What do I do now?
Between Two Chairs

Dear Between:
Between two chairs generally lands you on the floor.  You sound ambivalent — at the very least. Take some time to sort out your true inclinations. A litmus test: if you could press a magic button and bypass all the conversations, hurt feelings and disappointments; would you rather be with your wife or with somebody else?

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