Speak Now — or Forever Hold Your Peace

Posted on | December 16, 2010 | Comments Off on Speak Now — or Forever Hold Your Peace

Dear Short Answers:
For our honeymoon, my fiance & I totally disagree. He wants a hiking trip in the Rockies — with camping and hang gliding and rock climbing. And he told everybody to buy us camping equipment for our wedding. I never gave him the slightest hint that I would do anything like that. We went camping once and I hated it. Cold, wet and miserable. I want Hawaii or maybe Mexico. Is this a bad omen for our future? And how do we decide where to go?
Pushed Around

Dear Pushed:
Unilateral decision making is rarely advisable unless one party is comatose.  Unless you plan to be, put a stop to it NOW.  How to decide?  TOGETHER, of course.


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