Haven’t You Seen This Movie?

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Dear Short Answers:
I’m a 22-year old single guy with a 21-year old female roommate.  Two weeks ago, I bought a case of beer (the one that has 18 bottles) and over the weekend, we had like 4 bottles or so. On Monday, I got back home around 5 pm and she was drinking, so that was the first shock to me. I left home and I came back around 9 pm — and she had finished the whole case!!  I didn’t find any of the bottles and she told me she already recycled them.  Yesterday, I was vacuuming the apartment and was shocked when I found the 18 bottles in her room!!!!  So what is that?!! I mean, why would she save them in her room for that long and say she recycled them!! Why would she lie?!!!!!!

Dear Shocked:
Although we hesitate to jump to conclusions, it sounds like your friend is an alcoholic. If we are right, you will see this kind of behavior again — and soon. Stay tuned. What to do about it is another question.


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