Goodbye to That…

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Dear Short Answers:
My brother and I are at odds. He is 60 and I am 52.  Our mother is 81 and, even though she still lives on her own, my brother yells at her all the time and tells her she is stupid. He insists that she run everything she does by him and if she doesn’t, he says she is stupid.  If Mother asked for my opinion and she goes with mine over his, then he is mad at me.  Now he says I have no business sticking my nose into anything with Mother and that he does it all and I do nothing.  I do a lot of things for my mother, but whatever I do, he says it is wrong.  I told him I don’t think I need a brother that is so hateful. Do you think I am being unreasonable?
Little Sister

Dear Little Sister:
Your brother is an angry, abusive man.  Have as little to do with him as possible.


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