Just say NO!

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband (Tom) and I live in a very gay-friendly town and have many gay friends. Tom, who is quite handsome, is frequently hit on by gay men even though they all know he is married. I didn’t mind and was actually flattered in a strange way. But last week, my husband actually told me that he was “considering” having sex with “Billy” just for fun. And he wanted me to know, in advance, that it didn’t mean anything. He didn’t count it as cheating at all. He said it wasn’t any different than going to a strip club with the boys. I was floored. I laughed and said “go ahead” but I didn’t really mean it. Am I wrong? What do I do now?
Tom’s Wife

Dear T. W.:
We don’t know if sex with Billy is the same as going to a strip club but we do know that if you said yes but really mean no — it’s a problem. Tell him you have reconsidered — NOW.

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