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Dear Short Answers:
I’m falling deeply for a guy who I am sure is right for me.  He brings out the best in me in a way I never thought possible (ok, enough gush) and I’m meeting his family (gulp) in a few weeks.  But as we get more serious it brings up insecurities from my last relationship — which abruptly ended without warning. I find myself worrying that history will repeat itself. I know that’s ridiculous, but I still have this latent insecurity I can’t vanquish. Do I tell my current man about this fear? I seriously don’t think he’d want to know the details of my last breakup. How can I get over this on my own?

Dear Wob:
We get it.  You’re scared but are wise enough to know that no man wants to hear the gory details of your last heartbreak.  This is what girl friends are for. Just tell him that you are so hoping that his family likes you, and that you will like them.


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