No Dog In This Fight

Posted on | June 30, 2011 | Comments Off on No Dog In This Fight

Dear Short Answers:
The woman who grooms our dog came to our house about 2 months ago and, unfortunately, slipped when she was getting out of her van and hit her face on the sidewalk. She broke her 2 front teeth and had to have about $2,000 worth of dental work. A friend, who also uses this woman to groom his dogs, was at our house at the time. He was appalled that we didn’t offer to pay her dental bills. But she didn’t slip on our property, it wasn’t our fault and I’m sure that our insurance won’t pay for it.  Ever since, my friend has been very nasty to me and told everyone that I’m a cheapskate and horrible person. What should I do? I think I was right, don’t you?

Dear Uncertain:
You’re okay, but what is your friend’s problem?  Tell him to mind his own business and stay out of yours.


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