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Dear Short Answers:
My closest friend of 20 years has been in a very unhealthy romantic relationship for almost 3 years with a woman who I believe is mentally ill. My friend has shared all of the details of this relationship.  She and her girlfriend have called our home in the middle of the night on more than one occasion hysterical — after having physical altercations with each other, threatening suicide, and engaging in all kinds of self-destructive behavior.  After bending over backwards for the last 3 years to be supportive of my friend and hoping that the relationship would run its course, I have insisted on boundaries.  But now I find that my relationship with this friend can be nothing but a BS relationship. After being with her very sick girlfriend, she has become just as ill. She has become dishonest and manipulative, and I find myself getting sucked into their dysfunction when things flare up (as they always do! ). How wrong would it be to cut her off until she gets out of this sick relationship?
Done for Now

Dear Done:
Not wrong at all.  We think cutting off is a fine decision.


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