A Toe in the Water

Posted on | June 30, 2011 | Comments Off on A Toe in the Water

Dear Short Answers:
One of my best childhood friends ended our friendship very cruelly and abruptly several years ago for reasons I still cannot understand. Among other things, he suddenly de-friended me on Facebook. Now, over two years later, I have received a Facebook friend invitation from him, as well as a message. The message does not include an apology; rather, he congratulates me on “everything I’ve been up to,” and tells me to take note of his friend request in my inbox. I see no reason to accept the request without an apology or explanation, nor do I feel like I should need to ask for one. However, part of me thinks that denying the request is antagonistic, and I don’t want to fuel the fire. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Still Hurt and Angry

Dear H&A:
Sounds like your “friend” is testing the waters.  If you are not ready and willing to resume the relationship without an explanation of past behavior, then say so.


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