Another Doggone Dog Lover

Posted on | August 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Another Doggone Dog Lover

Dear Short Answer:
My brother is married with three young children. His wife and kids talked him into buying a puppy. The $1,000 that they paid for the dog apparently wasn’t enough. They now spend more on the dog than they do on the kids. I know exactly how much my brother and his wife make and I know they can’t afford this dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using their kids college funds to pay for all the fancy things they buy for the dog and the visits to the vet. How can I knock some sense into these people? It’s just a dog for goodness sake.
Responsible Uncle

Dear Uncle:
We’ve seen this before.  There is no accounting for love — and puppy love is no different.  Leave them alone and let them enjoy the new baby.  Dogs bond families together and fill in lots of gaps that may not be apparent to you.  It’s okay, relax.


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