Tough Love

Posted on | August 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Tough Love

Dear Short Answers:
I found out last week that my niece (who is 20 years old) has had problems with heroine and has actually been arrested several times. I have 2 children (16 & 18) and I don’t want them associating with their cousin. This isn’t punative, it’s just common sense, I think. My brother (my niece’s dad) is furious at me. But I think I’m right. I wouldn’t let my kids be friends with anyone I knew who was taking drugs. Why does it matter that it’s a relative?


Dear Upset:
Your decision is right but because it’s family, you must handle it with kid gloves. Tell your brother that you are very concerned for him and your niece and that you will do anything to help them except putting your own kids in a risky situation at an age when they are vulnerable.  Share the problem with him, discuss how to help, and mean it. It is important that they feel supported — not rejected by your sensible choice.


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