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Dear Short Answers:
I have owned a business with my life partner for the last 8 years. During that time we have had numerous employees. One of those employees happens to be my elderly mother (70′s) who did our bookkeeping.  She moved (400 miles) away from her home town to help us out.  My partner fired her even though she did a good job.  He thought she was too pushy which, to a certain extent, is probably true. She has been extremely cold to us and I miss her.  Fast forward a year — we have fumbled along without a bookkeeper and now he thinks we need to hire one. Mom has had a rough time of it. She really needs a job and has been looking to no avail. I know its a miracle that life partners can work together and having mom there only added to the complexity. Should I make a stand and insist that we hire her back?
Mom’s Boy

Dear MB:
We think your partner should not have fired her without your agreement.  We think you should tell him that you understand that she added complexity to your relationship and that she was too pushy but you want her back anyway.   We also think that YOU should take responsibility for keeping her in line.  Your mom, your problem.

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