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Dear Short Answers:
My uncle died a couple of weeks ago and I am his closest living relative — even though we were never close. He left a little bit of money plus a house and an insurance policy. Everything was left to me. The problem is that there are other relatives who actually were closer to him and they are very hurt that he didn’t leave them anything in his will. They are now asking me to split up the money and give them a share. I feel guilty taking all my uncle’s money since we weren’t close. But I can’t really judge the truthfulness of these other relatives’ claims. If I give some to one, I have to give to them all. And I’m sure that some are more deserving than others.  Please help.
Confused and Distressed

Dear C&D:
If you care about having a relationship with these other relatives going forward then you may need to appease them in some way.  If you don’t care about them, then trust that your uncle had good reasons for doing what he did.  He knew the others better than you do.

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