A Cautionary Tale

Posted on | January 18, 2012 | Comments Off on A Cautionary Tale

Dear Short Answers:
My childhood friend has decided to marry a guy I don’t like. I think he holds her back and discourages all attempts at independence she makes. I’ve told her many times what I think but now that they’re engaged, I’ve stopped complaining and try to be supportive. I was polite and very supportive at their engagement party but now she tells me I’m “uninvited” to her wedding because her fiancé doesn’t like me. I’m furious and hurt. Should I beg or walk away? Should I send a gift anyway?
From Uninvited

Dear Uninvited:
Ooooohhhh, that smarts! But we don’t think there is anything to be done with any dignity. Hold your tongue and bide your time.  If you are right, she will  limp back to you looking for solace within the year.  If not, remember to tread lightly the next time a mate asks your opinion on their intended.  A gift? we don’t think so.


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