He’s There, You’re Not

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Dear Short Answers:
My brother is visiting my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and my Mom is working very hard to take care of him. She is 84, he is 89. My Mom called me and she was sad and hurt because she had offered to put some of his clothes in the washing machine for my brother. He said that he wanted his own load, and for his clothes not to get mixed up with Dad’s “shit.” My Dad does wear diapers, but they are always tossed. My Mom is very hygienic. I feel so bad for my Mom. I think my brother was a real jerk. Is this forgiveable? His hurtful comment?
The Sister

Dear Sis:
He was insensitive but you are out of line.  Of course it’s forgivable — your brother said it badly but it sounds like a very stressful situation for all concerned and if you REALLY want to help — don’t throw gas on the fire.


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