Dead Beat Dad

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Dear ShortAnswers:
My ex stopped paying child support over three years ago.  Now that I have lost my job this makes things even harder.  Sacrificing my living space now to house sit so I can cover school fees for our daughter, I keep thinking of the 60k accumulated in arrears that would help so much. Legal advice and NY state community services are at a loss what to do as he is overseas and untouchable. Some days I want to claim what is rightfully mine and other days just not engage all the negativity involved.  How best to proceed?
Single, Strong but Strung Out

Dear Triple S:
Oye Vay.
Do you feel that you have had good legal advice? You may still conclude that it is not worth the emotional and financial tariff required to recoup your loss but at least you should know if you are leaving money on the table.  “Rightfully yours” and Recoverable are two different matters–but it would be good to know.
Whether or not you decide to proceed with lawyers, try a threat. Tell him your circumstances have changed and that you are now forced to take legal action against him. He has the opportunity to spare himself and his daughter considerable pain and humiliation, if he would just step up to his responsibilities BEFORE being served.


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