How Much to Sacrifice for an Ideal/Idol

Posted on | July 15, 2012 | Comments Off on How Much to Sacrifice for an Ideal/Idol

Dear Short Answers:
Can you be happily married to someone you are not physically attracted to? If many other necessary ingredients for marital happiness are present in the relationship, can this problem be solved?
Honestly Trying

Dear HT:
This is tough.  Physical attraction is bigger than sex. Physical attraction  is what smooths over all the many  indignities and irritations of  life with another person.  It is physical attraction that makes you smile, not rage, over the sights and smells and sounds of intimate life. Sex may come and go but physical attraction is what keeps you from killing one another.  Can it be solved?  In other cultures people learn to love and cherish one another over time Daily kindnesses can alter initial chemistry.  In our world in which the way out is through the door, there is much less support for problems like yours.  But if you can figure it out, let us a know and we will build a statue of you.

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