Fraud, Plain and Simple

Posted on | January 16, 2013 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
For Christmas, I gave my niece a new computer because she is going off to college next year and her mother told me that she desperately needed one. I just found out that she returned the computer for cash and bought clothes instead. I never would have spent that much money on her if I didn’t think it was for her education. Am I justified in asking for at least part of the money back?
Pissed Off

Dear P O’ed:
We are as outraged as you are.  But we think your niece’s mom is the REAL culprit.  First, she pimped for her daughter by telling you about the “desperate need,”  and then stood by when her daughter made it a bait and switch! There is no asking for a refund in cases like this, but we think you MUST confront the girl’s mother and tell her in no uncertain terms that you object to every part of this story.


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