It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

Posted on | February 16, 2013 | Comments Off on It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

Dear Short Answers:
I am a long-time editor at a print publication. Last year, a new publisher came onboard and promised that if I cut back drastically, this would mean extra money for me. So I did — a lot. However, after this past year of “working harder,” I’m making even less money now — for a LOT more work. And the new publisher likes to host fancy, schmancy parties for the advertisers that (admittedly) do pay my salary. These aren’t cheap.  I’ve always been a “do as you’re told” kind of guy and never complain, but I feel like I’ve been duped.  Do I remain quiet and be thankful that I at least still have a job ? Or do I bring up my bitter feelings?
Drowning in Red Ink

Dear Drowning:
Sharing bitters with the boss is rarely a path to greatness. And what you describe is fairly universal. Suck it up or find something else to do.


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