The World According to Hallmark

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Dear Short Answers:
A very good friend invited me to a fancy dinner party at her home for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was a wonderful idea since my husband died this past year and I knew that Valentine’s Day was going to be hard for me. A few days before the dinner, my friend called to ask me who I was bringing to the party.  I told her that I was coming alone. Then my friend told me that since this was Valentine’s Day it was “couples only” and that if I didn’t bring a “date,” I shouldn’t come.  I was stunned but …. I didn’t go to the party.  Do I say nothing to my friend and let this bother me forever?  Or do I try to explain how cruel and thoughtless she was?  Or is she was right and  Valentine’s Day is just a horrible holiday designed to make widows and single people miserable?

Dear Sad:
1) Your friend is no friend. She is cruel and thoughtless. Dump her.

2) All holidays tell us a lot about the culture. In America  most holidays are built around a corny, celluloid view of life and family in which everyone is young, in love, and surrounded by happy intact traditional families.

3) Those who continue to believe they have greeting card lives, should exchange them. The rest of us can happily explore the brave new world we really live in.

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