Gone to the Dogs

Posted on | May 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Gone to the Dogs

Dear Short Answers:
I have two dogs that I love very much.  Now that summer is coming, I am getting invitations to visit people at their summer homes. I always ask if I can bring the dogs and if they say “no,” I decline and don’t go. It’s not a big deal to me But some people are offended when I turn down their invitation because they won’t let me bring my pets.  What can I say that will make them not take it so personally?
Dog Lover

Dear DL:
There are only two possible responses to an invitation — “yes” or “no.”   Potential hosts need to accept either gracefully. That said, two dogs are a lot. Considerably less than two children, but still a lot to ask of even dog-loving, dog-owning households.  Perhaps you need to schedule some quality time with your dogs mid-week and find a wonderful dog sitter who will treat your “babies” to some hot fun in the summertime while you are getting yours.

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