One Small Step

Posted on | October 24, 2013 | Comments Off on One Small Step

Dear Short Answers:
I am shy and quiet and therefore people walk all over me like I am invisible and don’t matter. This is a particular problem at college as I don’t get the attention I need from my lecturers.  They forget me a lot and are often too busy with other people. How can I become visible and get the attention I need? It’s serious now because my shyness is affecting my education.

Dear Overlooked:
Speaking up for yourself, insisting on getting heard, and developing a level of comfort with attention are all skills most people develop throughout young adulthood with much trial and error.  Right now, for this particular situation, we suggest you write a note to your lecturers, briefly describing your problem and identify yourself. (“I am the brunette with glasses sitting in the 5th row center.) Sign your letter and ask he acknowledge you with a glance in class. Once you feel recognized, perhaps you can step up to seeing your teachers during their office hours with any questions you have.


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