Speak for Yourself, John

Posted on | October 24, 2013 | Comments Off on Speak for Yourself, John

Dear Short Answers:
My best friend, Matt, is madly in love with another man who just happens to still be married to a woman. Matt tells everyone how much they are in love with each other and how this was a “match made in heaven,” etc. etc. etc. The new boyfriend has asked me (confidentially) to please tell Matt that he’s not ready for love and definitely not ready for a gay commitment. I feel caught in the middle. I know I should stay out of their relationship but knowing what I know, I also want to keep Matt from getting hurt too badly. What should I do?
Matt’s BF

Dear MFF:
Tell your friend that you will not be the go-between.  There are about 9,000 scenario’s that might occur as a result of such cowardice.  None of them are good.

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