Don’t Get Us Started

Posted on | December 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Don’t Get Us Started

Dear Short Answers:
I kept putting off buying Christmas presents until finally it was too late and I didn’t actually buy any gifts for anyone this year. Now I’m feeling guilty. Should I buy presents when everything goes on sale and tell people that is why I procrastinated? Or do I just ignore the whole holiday and try to do better next year?
Late Shopper

Dear LS:
We think there are many wonderful moments in the ritual of thoughtful planning, joyful giving and graceful acceptance of gifts. However so much of that has been lost, one can hardly blame you for your ambivalence during the holiday season. Why not take the opportunity, throughout the year  to appreciate friends and family with presents or other expressions of affection, as the the spirit moves you.  Spare yourself and others any defensive explanation.

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