Clearing the Air

Posted on | January 4, 2014 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
My sister-in-law made up and gifted a small photo album to each family member. She included photos of all nephews/nieces except for my child. I can’t imagine why this oversight occurred because she had plenty of photos to work with of everyone. This feels quite odd and a bit hurtful. I heard she didn’t give one of the nephews a gift last year in order to make some kind of point to him, so I would not put this immaturity past her. What might I say to/ask her about this, if anything? Family relations feel impacted whether or not I say anything.

Dear Wanda:
Your sister-in-law sounds like a piece of work.  We admire your  immediate restraint — we would have slugged her — but now it is time to talk turkey. You might start with “whatever were you thinking when you chose to exclude my child from your family photo project?”  If she says it was an oversight — demand a recall of the “faulty” product.


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