Stay Away From Drunks

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Dear Short Answers:
A couple years ago, I had a stalker. I took him to court. I didn’t win the court case so I don’t have a restraining order but he still left me alone after that. He never would do anything to physically harm me, but he would mentally harass me. Fast forward to now.  We still have mutual friends which is hard and recently I went to a party and he was there. My very drunk friend made me  talk to him just to clear the air so I could stay. I kept refusing but they said  I should just talk to him to make the situation neutral and less uncomfortable. He was apologetic and said he had changed. They even made me shake his hand — I was uncomfortable to say the least, but felt like I had no choice.  When I was leaving he ran outside just to say goodbye to me. The next day I woke up hungover and full of regret. I don’t want the harassing to start all over again. What should I do
So Not Interested

Dear So:
Your discomfort seems to fuel EVERYONE’s attention.  Practice “aloof” — and sobriety. It is surprisingly helpful in difficult situations.


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