Not a Party Girl

Posted on | January 26, 2014 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
I absolutely hate going to parties and had the bad luck to fall in love with a guy who LOVES parties. I prefer a quiet dinner with a couple of friends and maybe a movie or TV. Todd prefers a noisy crowd with lots to drink. I’ve tried but I can’t bear the noise, the smoking, the drinking and the boring small talk for more than an hour. I typically leave well before Todd does. I tell him to go by himself but he refuses. Do I really HAVE to go to parties? I think it will be the end of our relationship if I do.
Todd’s GF

Dear GF:
We think a little give and take is called for. You do need to figure out how to have a social life together if it is important to him and he is important to you.  Try having a smaller group to your place.


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