Much Ado about Nothing

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Dear Short Answers:
I’ve been a friend of Mary Claire’s for 5 years now.  Her daughter is getting married and does not want any of her former coaches, doctors, or teachers present (my husband is one of them).  Mary Claire asked if I can attend as the guest of another friend (female) of ours who was invited alone.  She said she hopes my husband will understand, acknowledging that this is indeed awkward, yet making it clear that it is her daughter’s wedding and naturally, the bride rules.  Another friend  suggested that Mary Claire’s daughter is being highly immature, and that I should not feel pressured to attend under these circumstances.  I have been leaning toward not attending, however, my husband, a very sound person and not hurt by any of this, knows how immature the daughter is and feels I may disappoint Mary Claire if I do not attend the wedding as our friend’s guest.  While I understand Mary Claire’s good intentions, I am evaluating my comfort level in addressing innocent inquiries at the wedding as to why my husband is not present.  Way too much to think about here, and I’m not even the bride!  LOL!  So, my ask is this:  Go or not go and why?

Dear Betty:
Go to the wedding. If people ask where your husband is, say he wasn’t invited. Simple.


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