Importance of Being Equal

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband’s mother comes from the old school where a wife was completely subservient to her husband.  So despite the fact that I make just as much money as my husband does, she treats me like a second-class person.  I wouldn’t mind this so much because we don’t see her very often but the problem is that my husband treats me the same way when his mother is around.  I’ve asked him nicely to stop but he swears he doesn’t act any different when she’s around (which is NOT TRUE!!!).  How do I get him to treat me like his equal even when his mother is in the room????
Equal Partner

Dear Equal:
He is obviously regressing to a childhood (and childish) pattern around his mom. Lighten up. Gentle teasing or perhaps a private signal when he lapses into disrespect might work.  And for the record, we think equal partnership is an entitlement that is not necessarily based on equal earnings.

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