Risky Business

Posted on | January 12, 2015 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
At a family dinner, my 45 year old sister-in-law proudly shared with me that the new wine glasses were stolen by her during her employer’s Christmas party (6 glasses in total). Her risky behavior and dishonestly have been weighing on me especially since she handles her father’s finances. My husband and his brother have had simple, innocent questions about Dad’s finances (utility costs, food, etc.) and she breaks down and cries in response. Is it appropriate for me to have a conversation with her about the glasses and share that I always thought she was way above this type of behavior and suggest she throw them out and just consider the incident a low point and move on? Just not sure what to say.

Dear Sis:
We share your concern but we think this conversation is best had with your husband and his brother. Once you have told them what you have observed and your doubts going forward, it is really their problem to solve.


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