Happy Mother’s Day

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Dear Short Answers:
My girl friend and I have been living together for about a year.  It used to be my apartment but we now share the rent.  My mom came to visit me for 5 days last month.  We do have a second bedroom so there was enough room even though it gets pretty crowed with 3 people.  About 2 days into her visit, my girl friend got into heated argument with my mom that ended up with my girl friend in tears for the entire day.  That night, my girl friend told me that I had to tell my mom to stay in a hotel.  I did, but it was the hardest conversation I ever had with my mom.  What do you think she should have done?
Feeling bad

Dear Bad:
Call us old-fashioned, but we think no mother should be treated like that.  Some moms are awesome and some are merely to be endured but if it is your custom to have your mom stay with you on a visit, and you agreed to this one, your girlfriend should have respected that.  And you were an awful coward. No wonder you feel bad.

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