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Dear Short Answers
Over the past couple of years my parents have gotten more and more frail and require a lot of care and attention.  Fortunately, my 3 brothers and I all live fairly close by and can stop by every day if we needed to.  Unfortunately, my parents have decided that as the only girl, I should be the one they turn to.  If they need an emergency trip to the doctor or somebody to pick up their dry cleaning, they call me.  They never, never call my brothers.  I have asked them “nicely” to call Mike or Ryan or Clay but they always call me.  One time, my father said, “I can’t call them, they all have jobs.”  My father knows perfectly well that I have a job, too but I guess he doesn’t think that a woman’s job is ever as important as a man’s.  Should I just refuse the next time they call?  Or give up and realize that they are never going to change?
Tired Sis

Dear TS:
Your parents will never change.  But perhaps your brothers will agree to be deployed — talk to them.


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