Food Nazi

Posted on | August 14, 2015 | Comments Off on Food Nazi

Dear Short Answers:
Last weekend I had house guests whom I have known for a long time. What they neglected to tell me is that they have become serious vegans and only eat organic, local produce if possible.  Luckily (???) they brought their own food with them but it was a constant source of embarrassment over the weekend.  They completely ruined my first night dinner party because they wouldn’t eat a thing and every meal became a lecture on the evils of processed food.  I will never invite them again but don’t you think that guests should keep their feelings about food to themselves and make a good faith effort to eat what the host offers?  If they can’t do that shouldn’t they stay in  hotel?

Dear Offended:
People with such rigid dietary requirements probably should not be house guests (unless they are your kids, which is another story).  But certainly, they should keep their views to themselves unless asked by those who are sincerely interested. As for you, fragile flower, why did you permit them to “ruin” your party? Surely you might have said “eat or don’t eat but please don’t judge or proselytize at table.”


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