Equality Is a Fine Concept

Posted on | October 18, 2015 | Comments Off on Equality Is a Fine Concept

Dear Short Answers:
I have three sons of adult age.  Two of them have successful business careers but my youngest son is trying to be a professional musician and has had a difficult time making a living.  Consequently, I have given my youngest child a lot more financial help than the other two.  Apparently, my two older ones found out and are furious and are demanding that I treat them all equally.  I can certainly afford to give them all the same support, but I just didn’t think it was appropriate or necessary.  I feel like I’m being emotionally blackmailed but perhaps I should pay up just to keep the peace.  What do you think?

Dear Mom:
Many families take care of needy children and let the successful ones fend for themselves and it is generally very divisive. We agree with your older sons.


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