2 Plus 1?

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Dear Short Answers:
About 6 months ago, I started volunteering at the local animal shelter and go there 2 or 3 times a week to play with and walk the dogs.  They often need temporary foster homes especially if a dog needs medical care and a quieter environment to recover in.  I promised my husband that if we ever fostered a dog, we would not keep it permanently.  We already have two dogs and that is my husband’s absolute, total limit.  Well as it happened, we fostered a small terrier after a serious operation and I absolutely fell in love with him.  There is no way that I can give this dog back to the shelter even though I know I promised my husband that I would.  My husband is furious and adamant that I give the dog back or he will return the dog himself.  I am completely heart-broken and don’t know what to do.  I know you are animal lovers so I thought you might be able to convince my husband that we can keep him.
Love Sick

Dear Love Sick:
Can’t you give the dog to a good friend or relative? We are majorly dog-centric but three is one too many.


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