Out with It

Posted on | October 25, 2015 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
I recently discovered that my girlfriend has started to see a psychologist.  I’m not exactly sure why or why she hasn’t told me about it.  We’ve been living together for over 5 years and are thinking about getting married so I would think that we should be able to be completely honest with each other.  But since she has decided to keep this a secret, I don’t know whether I should tell her that I know or not (I found out completely accidentally).  Should I let her know that I know or wait until she feels comfortable enough to tell me herself?  Although I have to admit that every day that she doesn’t tell me makes me mistrust her more and more.

Dear Dis:
Tell her that you know and that her secrecy upsets you.  What she discusses with her doctor is none of your business and you should make it clear that you do not expect her to discuss the content of her visits — but THE SECRET is a problem for you.


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