Truth Sayer

Posted on | October 1, 2016 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
I am a pretty good cook and I frequently have dinner parties at my home.  The problem is that my husband always feels compelled to give out my “culinary” secrets.  For example, if someone compliments the dessert, he’ll say “Oh, Helen just bought a pound cake and dressed it up!”  Or if they like the salad, he’ll say “Really?  Most of that is leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner!”  I glare at him and sit in stony silence.  But how do I make him stop without causing a big scene??
So Annoyed

Dear Annoyed:
Tell him one more time that your recipes are your business and that you consider them “family secrets.”  If he continues to overshare, do not hesitate to out him immediately.  You can start with, “Really? That was rude!’ and escalate if necessary. Like with puppies, an immediate reaction may be essential.


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