Writer’s Rule

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Dear Short Answers:
What is the proper procedure to list  relatives when a 92-year old mother passes away?In my husband’s mother’s obituary, his name as son was listed, then after his name, the name of his first wife (deceased), then my name.  He was DIVORCED from his first wife in 1994 and then, she died 6 years AFTER  their divorce. Neither he nor I were happy that her name was even listed.   He does have two grown children from that marriage, but it was not a pleasant divorce from what I heard.  And he has moved on and we have been married for over 10 years now. I am sure this is going to come up again, as we are older and there will be more family funerals. Thank you for your help!

Dear Luci:
As far as we know there is no “proper” format to an obit.  We advise you to not fret about it and write your own and your husband’s as you wish it to be — well ahead of your date with destiny.


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