Bon Voyage

Posted on | April 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Bon Voyage

Dear Short Answers,

A friend of mine and I have been planning a trip to Asia for the last six months. We are leaving next month. Yesterday, she called, quite upset. She has had an unexpected financial hit and says she can no longer afford to go. I really want to make this trip and I really want to make it with her. Should I offer to pay for her ticket? I am doing well right now and it would not be a financial imposition.

Feeling Flush

Dear FF

This could work if you are both very clear: Is it a gift or a loan? If it is a loan what are the repayment terms?¬† If it’s a gift, be clear¬† about what’s covered- just airfare or are you picking up the entire tab? If your friend turns down your offer, accept it gracefully and make other plans.


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