Fashion Forward

Posted on | March 1, 2017 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
I’ve never been a particularly fashionable person but my 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to try harder this year. So I hired a fashion “consultant” to help me pick out clothes that were a bit trendier.  Unfortunately, I am starting to feel ridiculous — like the two women on “Absolutely Fabulous.”  This consultant comes highly recommended by friends (and my friends all say that I look terrific) but I’m just not sure if high fashion is the right thing for me.  Should I stick with it a bit longer or should I throw in the towel and go back to my old closet of pants and blouses?
Not AbFab

Dear Not:
We applaud your commitment to a personal re-stage! It takes courage.  However, it is not surprising that after years as a sparrow you feel uncomfortable as a peacock. These are early days. Tell you consultant to dial it back a bit and talk to us again in June.

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