It’s Your Money and Your Vote

Posted on | March 1, 2017 | Comments Off on It’s Your Money and Your Vote

Dear Short Answers:
Now that the government is planning to eliminate all funding to the arts, I have been getting a lot of urgent requests from local arts organizations to donate. I cannot possibly afford to give to all of them.  How do I decide how to allocate the limited funds that I have? Do I give to the big ones that are likely to stay in business?  Or do I give to the small ones who might suffer the most but might also collapse whether or not I donate?  What’s the best policy in your opinion?
Big Heart, Small Bank Account

Dear Big/Small:
This is above our pay grade — but that never stops us! Our philosophy is: #1 — Stay Local. #2 — Do your homework on the organizations you care about.  Are they 501c3 corporations? Do you agree with their mission? Do you know any of the people involved? Have they demonstrated sustainability in the past? Once you’ve answered these questions, the most deserving organizations should rise to the top.


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