Glitter and Gold

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Dear Short Answers:
Through a hurtful set of circumstances, my brother’s wife got all my mother’s jewelry when my dad passed. I thought I could handle it but it comes up for me a lot — with enough bitterness to leave a bad taste. She never even met my mother! I don’t even care if she keeps the valuable stuff but I really want some of the everyday things.  Should I let it go? It’s a year now. But I don’t think I’m going to get over it anytime soon.  My discontent is fueled by everyone who hears the story or sees her wearing it all.  It doesn’t seem right (she doesn’t even know the stories) — in fact she makes them up! How to deal? Ugh.
Coveting the Family Jewels

Dear Covet:
We feel you.  We thought it was in the Bible (or something) that the daughter got the jewelry!  Since you are willing to forgo the “good stuff,” by all means discuss it with your brother or his wife. Even if they say no, you will feel better.


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