A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Posted on | March 15, 2017 | Comments Off

Dear Short Answers:
I used to be really close to this guy — we were good friends for years. For a variety of reasons, some having to do with me and mostly not, he told me that he had to put our relationship on hold for a little while. I agreed at the time.  More than 6 months later, he wrote me a catch-up email. But I don’t think I want to have a relationship with someone who shelves me until it’s convenient.  Do I say so? Or just not answer?
Never Liked Leftovers

Dear Leftover:
Couldn’t agree more. One is well within their rights to propose a friendship hiatus, but there are risks in doing so. Human beings rarely enjoy being put in moth balls — and are generally less forthcoming after such an experience. He sent you an email? Really? You can explain or not. We wouldn’t.


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