Slippery Slope

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Dear Short Answers:
I am 28 and I  just got engaged and I love my girl but she keeps telling me I drink too much. Doesn’t she understand that drinking is part of who I am? Should I tell her to love it or leave it alone?
Gonna Be the Groom

Dear Groom:
It is easy to think that drinking, or smoking, or any other personal habit is “part of who you are.” However, if at 28, in the opinion of someone you care about, you are already drinking too much, it is worth considering. If it is possible for you to cut back, and do so cheerfully, we suggest you try that.  If you can no longer “take it or leave it,” we can virtually guarantee that this will become a big problem.  Sooner than you think.  Give this some serious thought. We know of what we speak.

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