Family Matters

Posted on | March 23, 2017 | Comments Off on Family Matters

Dear Short Answers:
I have a large family that I see rather infrequently (due to distance, not compatibility).  Every couple of years one of my siblings or cousins shows up at our house either “unannounced” or with only a day or two notice.  I used to find it extremely annoying and mentioned it to them after their visit but that didn’t do any good.  So I’ve just gotten over my annoyance and now just accept that this is my family’s way of doing things.  Unfortunately, my husband has NOT gotten over it and will remain angry and silent for the duration of their stay which makes the visit even more stressful on me than it needs to be.  We are both in our 70s and things are not going to change.  How do I convince hubby to chill out a bit and relax.  I do all the work when guests are here anyway.
Joan B.

Dear Joan:
We commend you  both on your commitment to your family and your unconditional acceptance of their quirky ways. Tell your husband that he’s right. And so what. He isn’t going to win this one so just “man-up.”


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